Tessellate Studio offers the opportunity to collaborate with focused, experienced and agile experts. When you partner with us, you’re hiring a dedicated team of seasoned designers who will work alongside you and your partners throughout creative development and production - from start to finish. We aim to help our clients improve their presence by:

• Creating new forms of visitor and customer experiences

• Innovating new ways to inspire, entertain and educate

• Crafting hands-on experiences that leave a lasting impression

Our team is comprised of highly skilled and deeply passionate individuals. Our design expertise includes:

Strategy & Discovery

  • Workshops and Charrettes

  • Stakeholder and Customer Interviews

  • Immersion and Findings Reports

  • Architectural Audits and Site Surveys

Concept & Design

  • Master Planning

  • Concept Design

  • Narrative Design & Content

  • Exhibit and Physical Design

  • Architectural and Interior Design

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering

  • Previsualization Environments

  • Interaction Design

  • Software Design

  • Technical Approach and Strategy

  • Customer and Visitor Journeys

  • Fundraising Materials

Production & Installation

  • Prototyping & Play Testing

  • Production Oversight

  • Installation Oversight