Tessellate Studio offers the opportunity to collaborate with focused, experienced and agile experts. When you partner with us, you’re hiring a small, dedicated team who will work alongside you and your partners throughout creative development and production - from start to finish. 

Your direct contact with the Tessellate team begins and ends with the impact you want to have on your audience. We employ an empathetic approach, investing in understanding your organizational and industry culture. Through research and discussion, we identify the story you want to impart to your audience. 

We innovate a unique approach to maximize your audience’s connections with your content through physical design, technology, and each other.


Our flexibility and collaborative nature allows us to perfectly integrate into your organization and partner relationships. We have a track record of successfully working with architects, marketing departments, brand agencies, and IT, among others.

After refining our plans to address your practical and creative concerns, we fully manage the project, sourcing best in class professionals to realize our collective vision. We’re also adept at creating powerful proposals to galvanize fundraising and the support of stakeholders to make the vision a reality. Together we ensure your visitors will emerge with a lasting impression that only comes through discovery and a personal experience.