Museum Explorer Technology

At Tessellate, we believe your museum's artwork and artifacts are part of the institution’s larger narrative, and that objects in a collection are the outcomes of ideas deeper than face value. The objects and artwork represent stories that are evocative of rich histories, bold missions and illuminate concepts relevant to visitors today.

Because we believe in the power of museums, and the power of objects to tell impactful stories, we have created a technology solution for museums to bring their collections and exhibits to life. This includes smart cases, interactive exhibit explorers, and moving images that tell the narrative beneath the objects and artifacts. The stories your audience wants to hear and connect with.

Tessellate has designed and built, in partnership with GORGES, a pilot technology platform that can bring your museum’s mission and collections to life. The platform is a back-end and front-end Exhibit Management System that is easy to use, maintain, and update. And we hope to share this with your museum! Reach out if you are interested in learning more. (WBE, WBENC)