This summer, Tessellate's Co-founder Joe Karadin was honored to host ten students from the Zhejiang University of Technology School of Art for an Introduction to Exhibition Design Summer seminar class at the Fashion Institute of Technology Exhibition Program in New York City. The week long class included an overview of exhibition design and two assignments centered around the theme of Curiosity and Constraints, two of the more important aspects of exhibition design. The students did an amazing job of exploring New York and finding things that sparked their curiosity and changed the perspective on how the see and interpret the world around them. The second assignment Pen and Paper explored the notions of designing with constraints and using your powers of creativity to solve for limited design constraints. Joe was excited to have had the opportunity to share his extensive experiences as a designer with this wonderful group of future designers.

Special Thanks to Brenda Cowan, Christina Lyons, (Iris) Pan Chen Qi. (for her patience in translating), (Renee) Ren Yi and of course our ten amazing students.

林俊杰 Junjie Lin

高晗吉 Hanji Gao

王正潇 Zhengxiao Wang

金思聪 Sicong Jin

黄逸儿 Yier Huang

王一纯 Yichun Wang

朱天虹 Tianhong Zhu

倪菁 Jing Ni

丁佳燕 Jiayan Ding

徐陈晴 Chenqing Xu