At Tessellate, we are fans of creating first-person fly-throughs for every design. Fly-throughs are a virtual but accurate model of a design that includes physical, media, and software elements. This helps the design team to collaboratively bring a concept to life from each discipline and see it all come together. This process improves the overall design. Fly-throughs also allow our clients visualize the space, scale, and details of a project. And for media and print graphics, animated fly-throughs help differentiate between static and dynamic displays. Most recently our fabulous design team put together a fly-through of the National Airmail Museum Concept, which can be seen below.

The National Airmail Museum will be a place for the community to come together and celebrate the storied history of Fort Wayne and the city’s role in aviation history and the development of the National Airmail Service. The Museum will be housed in Hangar 2 at Smith Field Airport and feature interactive, hands-on exhibits that provide an in-depth perspective and bring this story to life. The museum will also be home to the Experimental Aircraft Association’s (EAA) Chapter 2 Headquarters, gift shop and a uniquely themed dining experience.

Learn more about the National Airmail Museum here.