Mobile Food Lab, Lyndhurst, New Jersey

The Mobile Food Lab is a fun, multi-sensory educational experience on wheels.

Tessellate provided a turnkey design and build solution for this experiential vehicle centered around food literacy. Food literacy teaches kids where food comes from, how it nourishes and impacts us and shapes our world. This iteration of the mobile food literacy lab is centered around herbs with hands-on activities that allow children from grades K through 8 to learn about key themes of Food Science, Urban Agriculture, Creativity and Cooking. The Tessellate team designed each of these multi-sensory experiences as flexible stations on the bus, so that each student is given the opportunity of engagement. It also allows for optimal use of space and accessibility. One of the main missions of the Mobile Food Lab is to help children develop a healthy connection to food - the Mobile Food Lab designed by Tessellate allows this connection to unfold by harnessing students innate curiosity. Learn more about the Bus here.

Project Team: Emily Conrad (Experience Design and Project Management), Joe Karadin (Physical Design), Tucker Viemeister (Visual Design and Creative Direction), Sadie Coughlin-Prego (Experience Designer).

Turnkey Design and Build solution including Physical Design, Experience Design, Visual Design, Branding, and Production Management. 

Fabrication services provided by EXPLUS.

Photo courtesy of Frank Mentesana of EcoSpaces