Johnson & Johnson Resource Data Visualization and Management Tool

Assessment of diverse needs of a multinational company resulting in a software design to accumulate and manage human capital.

The Need

The international corporation with a large presence around the world discovered they could better allocate their human capital across their locations and contacted us to design software to organize, visualize and access the relevant information.

Our Approach

We began by conducting extensive one on one interviews with their global teams to identify the elements of the task. Given the great variety of locations and activities, we rapidly learned that the need’s complexity far exceeded our initial understanding. Next we set up workshops with their global work groups to effectively problem solve as a team. Once we could chart the technical use flow, we explored multiple interface designs and tested them with users to establish our final design. From there we established the technical specifications and oversaw the technology team who realized the software.

From beginning to end, our ability to communicate with an enormous diversity of stakeholders allowed us to create a successful program, consolidating human resources to maximize the efficiency of a complex multinational corporation across their incredibly varied endeavors.

Data Visualization, Interface Design, User Testing, Visual Design, Software Design, Global Integration