Athens Olympics Opening Ceremonies, Athens, Greece

Production management of a globally broadcast iconic, stadium-scale event.

The Task

The host Olympic committee presided over the first return of the games to their originating country. They endeavored to tell the story of the ancient cultural history of the country and its impact on contemporary life worldwide through the Opening Ceremonies. Tessellate principal Richard Mullen produced the creative segments of the ceremonies, performed in a stadium for a worldwide broadcast audience.

The Elements

Richard managed the project timeline, budget and creation of an event including never before executed technical effects. During the planning stages he worked closely with the Greek creative team to advise them in evolving their ideas to make them achievable. He oversaw all elements included contracting architectural and fabrication needs and headline talent coordination. The program he executed involved multiple large-scale set pieces, which emerged from water, shape shifted, and flew over the stadium field alongside extensive pyrotechnics, the stadium audience’s participation and a performance by world-renowned recording artist Björk.

His successful execution included sourcing and managing teams from Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. He coordinated hundreds of local volunteers and navigated the cultural differences between the global teams. Ultimately, his project management delivered an event that fulfilled creative expectations on time and on budget.

Production Management, Event Management, Large Scale Production, Global Technology Sourcing, Staff Training, Talent Management, Global Integration